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Ginger Brown Sugar

Ginger Brown Sugar


1.Ginger tea has the effect of warming and dispersing cold, relieving nausea, returning to yang and dredging pulse, replenishing blood and qi, dryness and dampness and anti-inflammation. After drinking, it can promote the dilatation of blood vessels, the whole body has a sense of warmth, and has a strengthen heart effect.

2. Promote digestion, increase intestinal peristalsis, protect gastric mucosa, and have obvious inhibitory effect on gastric ulcer.

3. Ginger is beneficial to gallbladder, analgesia, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-influenza and upper respiratory tract infection. For rheumatoid arthritis, lumbar muscle strain also has a strong effect.

4. It is very suitable for people with cold and dampness body constitution to drink. Female uterine cold (leukorrhea is more and dilute, dysmenorrhea), male kidney cold, as well as intestines and stomach deficiency cold, chronic diarrhea people, can often drink.

5. Because ginger tea can get rid of cold and dampness and reconcile health, it is especially suitable for people working in air-conditioned rooms.

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