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Pacari Salt & Nibs Organic Chocolate (60%)

Pacari Salt & Nibs Organic Chocolate (60%)


Made with 60% Cacao & Organic Cane Sugar, this bar allows you to taste the particularity of the Sacred Valley through the salt in grain combined with pieces of organic cocoa and the explosiveness of the dark chocolate.

This bar is the perfect combination of creaminess, sweetness and salt

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SKU 7862109270264
Weight 50g
Brand Pacari
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Brand Pacari
Country of Origin Malaysia
Food Type Organic, Vegan

Salt & Nibs Organic Chocolate Bar (60%)

The addition of a pinch of Pink Salt from the Sacred Valley of Peru plus a dash of Organic Cacao Nibs on top of the Chocolate Bar brings you to a whole new level of experience when you taste this Chocolate Bar! 

Currently served in Emirates Airline Business Class as dessert


What makes the PACARI Salt & Nibs Chocolate Bar unique?

When you place the chocolate bar on your tongue, it releases a mild coffee fragrance as well as a sweet and smooth texture. The salinity of the pink salt crystals will spread in a rhythmic manner as the warmth of your tongue melts the chocolate bar, while the bittersweet taste of chocolate begins to emerge. To enhance your PACARI taste experience, each bar has a surprise, which is a dash of Cacao Nibs to give your Chocolate Bar that additional crunch!

This is our exclusive flavor and also a very relatively rare style in PACARI chocolate. Definitely worth the experience!!


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