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Organic Quinoa Flakes

Organic Quinoa Flakes


Organic Quinoa flakes are low in sodium and contain no cholesterol which is a fantastic breakfast cereal and delicious alternative to oats. It is light and tasty and easy to digest. Quinoa flakes have the highest protein in the world's grains, contains all 10 amino acids, 50% higher in fibre than wheat.


Wheat-free and gluten-free.


How to use:

Quick to prepare, pour hot water and let simmer for a while. Flavour with a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt or your favourite sweetener like Radiant Agave Nectar which has a low glycaemic index.



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SKU 9555380104493
Weight 500g
Product Details
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Country of Origin Bolivia
Ingredients Quinoa

100% Organic Quinoa from Bolivia, No Added Sugar, Additives & Preservatives

Gluten Free, High in Plant-based protein, Fiber & Vitamins B

Regulates blood sugar & cholesterol level, Prevents type 2 diabetes

Best for Cooking/Baking/Cereals/Biscuits, etc

KKM Mesti certified, Jakim Halal certified, Australia NASAA organic certified


Quinoa Flakes

Is a protein-rich food, which contains nine essential amino acids.

It is also a great source of riboflavin.



100% Organic Quinoa Flakes



Help to regulate the digestive system and to keep you fuller and more satisfied

The most protein-rich foods

A lost twice as much fibre as most other grains

Iron helps keep our red blood cells healthy and is the basis of hemoglobin formation

Lysine source of complete protein


High in Riboflavin (B2)

High content of Manganese 


Tips / Usage:

Store in a dry, cool sealed container and place


Suggestion Recipe:

Can be added into hot water/milk to make nutritious cereal drink!

Add in brown sugar/cinnamon powder/maple syrup.

Can also be added into oatmeal/rice/porridge.


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