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Naturally Dietstyle

Naturally Dietstyle


Simple, easy and fun read, NATURALLY DIETSTYLE is the ultimate all-in-one practical guide to Holistic Nutrition and Health.
This work summarises and delivers over 30 years of Holistic Nutrition research and practice - in plain terms.

If you ever thought that Nutrition was a difficult subject and Health jus a dream… let this book show you otherwise!
Nutrition is really accessible to everyone, and this masterpiece is just the proof of it.

Learn the basics of Holistic Nutrition. Keep health at your fingertips, with the "5 Pillars of Health". Master the "Art of Eating Right”. Learn how to design and balance your food habits. Eat healthy and even cut food bills. Keep active, without stress nor gyms. Manage your weight and boost your immune system without medicines, or supplements.

It is not about complex diets, it is all about a simple DIETSTYLE!

(Note: suitable for healthy Vegans and Vegetarians too)

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