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Pacari Andean Mint Organic Chocolate (60%)

Pacari Andean Mint Organic Chocolate (60%)


Our take on After Eights. If you love the fresh taste of mint chocolate, you'll love our combination of Pacari organic chocolate and Andean mint. Its aromatic taste will linger on your tastebuds and revitalise your senses.

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SKU 7862109271360
Weight 50g
Brand Pacari
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Brand Pacari
Country of Origin Malaysia
Food Type Organic, Vegan

Andean Mint Organic Chocolate Bar (60%)

Indulge yourself with a piece of Andean Mint Chocolate and let its aromatic taste linger on your tastebuds and revitalize your senses. Made using Andean Mint that is a well-known export plant used for making essential oil with lots of health benefits.

Perfect first choice for afternoon tea parties and evening relaxation!


What makes Andean Mint Chocolate Bar unique?

Apart from cocoa beans and flowers, Ecuador's Andean Mint is a well-known export plant. Mua is a popular name for Andean Mint. It has a strong refreshing impact and is commonly used to make essential oils with a variety of health advantages.


Some of the health benefits include:


Mua is arguably most recognized for its capacity to treat a variety of digestive and respiratory problems. Mua can assist with cough and flu symptoms, as well as stomach pains and diarrhea, whether used in teas, spices, or medical infusions. In fact, just one drop has a mild analgesic effect on the stomach muscles!


Mua has a strong minty fragrance and is supposed to help with rage, hysteria, and nervous shaking. It's great for fighting depression and energizing the mind, body, and soul, thus it's great for boosting focus.


This PACARI Andean Mint chocolate itself is not overly choking. The cool feeling, on the contrary, gives you a very fresh feeling, like putting a mint leaf on the tip of your tongue.


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