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Pacari Raw Chocolate Bar 70%

Pacari Raw Chocolate Bar 70%


This bar of Chocolate is Raw, meaning it is minimally processed at a low temperature. The key temperature is important to main its Nutrients and Enzymes that could give you a lot of health benefit. Super Rich in Antioxidants and Magnesium.

Due to this unique process, customer may sometimes feels the chocolate taste a little bit like red wine, even though there is no alcohol inside.

Perfect for those who love their Chocolate thick. The addition of Organic Cane Sugar into the bar gives you a smooth yet thick chocolate.

*80% of our customers who took this bar says it could help them to relieve migraine, gastric and even period pain.

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SKU 7862109270073
Weight 50g
Brand Pacari
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Brand Pacari
Country of Origin Malaysia
Food Type Organic, Vegan

RAW 70% Cacao Organic Chocolate Bar

Raw 70% is PACARI's signature Chocolate Bar that blew the world in the World's Championship and brought PACARI to Fame!


 It is also a classic item that must not be missed if this is your first time experiencing PACARI( especially if you like your chocolate thick and slightly bitter). This unique bar has quickly made its way up to be a legend in modern chocolate. 


It has a rich aroma with a hint of floral-fruity note. If you want to pair it with a drink, it is recommended to choose lightly roasted tea or coffee without too heavy a taste!


What makes Raw Chocolate so unique?

To maximise the antioxidants and diverse flavours of the natural cacao bean, raw chocolate comprises cacao beans that have been lightly treated and roasted at lower temperatures.

The finest Cacao Beans are used to make our Raw 70% Chocolate Bar. Our farmers hand-pick each bean to ensure quality. We utilise Arriba Nacional cocoa beans, which are known for their delicate yet enticing fruity and flowery flavours.

One of our most popular bars is our 70% cacao bar, which flawlessly balances the cacao's rich, strong flavour with a characteristic sweetness. We hope you'll enjoy the citrus and flowery tones as well.


Our 70% Raw Chocolate Bar is nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, palm-oil-free, vegan, and made with all-natural ingredients.


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