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Pacari Raw Chocolate Bar 100%

Pacari Raw Chocolate Bar 100%


Chocolate at its purest! 100% Cacao with Nothing else added. This bar of Chocolate is Raw, meaning it is minimally processed at a low temperature. The key temperature is important to main its Nutrients and Enzymes that could give you a lot of health benefit. Super Rich in Antioxidants and Magnesium.

When tasting, let it melt slowly in your mouth. That way you can taste the different layer of the fine aroma of Arribas Nacional Cacao

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SKU 7862109270080
Weight 50g
Brand Pacari
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Brand Pacari
Country of Origin Malaysia
Food Type Organic, Vegan

SUGAR FREE RAW 100% Cacao Organic Chocolate Bar

The only Chocolate Bar that you can find in the market is 100% Pure, without adding any other ingredients! Super Best Seller!!

BEWARE: Please do not expect it to be sweet. In fact, it's bitter! But with a fine aroma, fragrance and great aftertaste.


What makes Raw Chocolate so unique?

To maximise the antioxidants and varied flavours of the natural cacao bean, raw chocolate contains cacao beans that have been minimally treated and roasted at lower temperatures.

The finest Cacao Beans are used to make our Raw 100% Chocolate Bar. Our farmers hand-pick each bean to ensure quality. We use Arriba Nacional cocoa beans, which are known for their delicate yet enticing fruity and flowery aromas.

Nothing else has been added to the ingredients of this chocolate bar. This is an extremely uncommon find. The bitterness of the bar is offset by traces of fruits and spices, resulting in a flavour profile that chocolate lovers will enjoy.

Nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, palm-oil-free, vegan, and made entirely of natural ingredients, our 100% Raw Chocolate Bar contains none of these things. There is no sugar added to this product.


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