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Sonnentor Paprika Hot Powder, 50g

Sonnentor Paprika Hot Powder, 50g


Hungarian dishes like vegetable goulash flavoured with sweet-smoky, tender and more or less sharp aroma because of Paprika. Now, Paprika is popular in the rest of the world. Even for the Spanish tortilla, the red powder is a must. Paprika is versatile, and there is almost nothing which it does not fit.

The extrascharf peppers  not only bear with its name in vain but also accentuated by its fiery red-orange even more. It always smells sweet while dominated by a fruity flavor that rounded off by a pleasant smoky taste.

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SKU 9004145006690
Weight 50g
Brand Sonnentor
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Brand Sonnentor
Country of Origin Austria
Food Type Organic

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