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Tai's Choice Organic Soy Sauce (500ml)

Tai's Choice Organic Soy Sauce (500ml)


Made from the first pressing of fermented soy beans, these soy sauces are meant to enhance flavors when cooking. It's by far the most common cooking sauce in Chinese cuisine

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Options 500ml
Brand GK Organic Farm - Tai's Choice Kitchen
Country of Origin Malaysia
Food Type Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian
Capacity / Volume 500ml

Benefits of chemical-free?


Soy sauce with no msg and no preservatives, organic soy sauce 

1. No extra chemicals or tweezers are required. 

2. The manufacturing method is sanitary and adheres to health office guidelines. 

3. Appropriate for those of us who desire to live a healthy lifestyle. 

4. The sweetness of the soy sauce has no effect on the flavour. usually 

5. The quality of the components has a monetary value. 

No further colouring is required.


We deliver to your doorstep in klang valley. As a premium organic and chemical-free platform, we ensure fresh organic delivery.



Why consume chemical-free? 


100% locally-grown and harvest 

100% source-verified

100% safe for elderly/kids



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