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Home Brewed Traditional Premium Light Sauce (285ml)

Home Brewed Traditional Premium Light Sauce (285ml)


HOME BREWED Traditional Premium Light Sauce is considered as a 'younger' sauce fermented for more than 3 months and is designed as a dipping sauce. Because of its' shorter period of fermentation, it has stronger bean aroma and one can enjoy the 'umami' taste while dipping. It is also ideal for frying vegetables and steam fish.

A light golden brown sauce with a comparatively more viscious consistency. Om the nose, there's a very pleasant, sweet and persistent aroma of beans mingled with yeasty, toasty notes. On the palate, there's an intense, complex bean taste with good salty-sweet balance. It's full-bodied, and coats like a thin glaze.

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SKU MF0001
Brand ML Food
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Brand ML Food
Country of Origin Malaysia
Food Type Natural
Ingredients Non-GMO soya beans, sea salt, cane sugar, roasted wheat flour, wheat molasses and filtered water

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