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Langit Beras Sia' (Red Rice)

Langit Beras Sia' (Red Rice)


Beras Adan is a marble white short-grain rice with a little sticky texture and great sweet flavor. With a light and airy bite, the cooked grain tastes delicate and healthy. This heritage white type is high in thiamine and low in fat, making it a good source of protein. Our rice has a GI of 55-69, which is considered mild.

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SKU BSR950G120106
Weight 950g
Brand Langit
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Brand Langit
Country of Origin Malaysia
Food Type Natural

Benefits of rice chemical-free?


The Lun Bawang farmers in Long Semadoh Valley, Lawas, Sarawak, cultivate Langit's Borneo heirloom rice using heirloom seeds (seeds that have been passed down through generations). Each rice type has its own distinct flavour and texture, making it easy to distinguish it from normal rice on the market. The biodiverse environment immediately determines the excellent terroir of our rice, which is grown in a cold highland climate (3,000 feet above sea level) and nourished by fertile soil, pure air, and crystal clear springs.


Here's how it compares to other kinds.

A 960g pack contains 10 servings.
Cooking proportions: 1 cup rice: 1 cup water
To retain the quality of the rice and avoid weevils, keep it refrigerated once opened.
They're simple to prepare and don't require soaking.


Why consume chemical-free? 


100% locally-grown and harvest 

100% source-verified

100% safe for elderly/kids



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