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Emile Noel Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml

Emile Noel Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml


This oil is cold-pressed from the finest grade of organic olives from Tunisia, a sunny nation blessed with rich soil, mild weather and ample rainfalls. Olive cultivation has been a Tunisian tradition passed down from generations since Roman times. The perfect blending of time-honoured traditional cultivation method and unique growing condition in Tunicia produces olives with exquisite aroma and flavour.

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SKU 3291960006356
Weight 250g
Brand Emily Noel
Product Details
More Information
Brand Emily Noel
Country of Origin France
Food Type Organic


• Certified organic

• 100 years of history, established since 1920

• Extra virgin (first cold pressed and unrefined)

• Made from traditional screw press techniques

• Premium-grade seeds / nuts

• Seeds picked from small yield, high quality crops

• Fair Trade. Supports small scale organic farmers

• Well established in-house R&D

• Rich flavour

• Bottle is nitrogen flushed to preserve the oil’s freshness.


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