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Free Range Non Fertilize Chicken Eggs (6pcs)

Free Range Non Fertilize Chicken Eggs (6pcs)


The farmers gather the eggs in the hen house during the break of day while the hens are out at play. Into a basket, the fresh eggs go.  


At Kampung Harvest Home, each egg is held and felt to ensure only weighty ones with no crack are placed on the egg cartons. This is the trust you receive from every carton that comes from Kampung Harvest.


We deliver these happy chicken eggs to your doorstep. As a premium organic malaysia brand and chemical-free platform in Malaysia, we ensure chemical-free, fresh deliveries and organic verified sources - for your peace of mind.

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Product Details
More Information
Pieces 6 pcs
Brand Kampung Harvest
Country of Origin Malaysia
Food Type Arrives Fresh, Organically Grown

Benefits of free-range chicken chemical free eggs: 

  • Given space to an outdoor range and the ability to roam freely.
  • The opportunity to interact socially with other hens.
  • The ability to practise a range of natural behaviours, including nesting, foraging for food, perching, and dust bathing.

When the chickens are happy, their by-product, eggs are healthier too!

Why consume free-range chicken chemical-free eggs?

Free range hens produce healthier eggs than the rest. According to, eggs from free-range hens contain: ⅓ less cholesterol, ¼ less saturated fat, ⅔ more vitamin A, 2 times more omega-3.

1. You get more balance nutrition

2. More Vitamin D

3. Less Cholesterol  


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