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Langit Beras Rumie (Black Rice)

Langit Beras Rumie (Black Rice)


Beras Rumie truly ups the fragrance factor a notch emanating a black glutinous rice-like fragrance when cooked. This semi-polished heirloom black rice is nutrient-dense. It contains more protein and fibre compared to brown rice and 6x more antioxidants compared to brown rice. The GI index for our rice is moderate between 55-69.

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  • 10 servings in a 950g pack.
  • Cooking ratio: 1 cup water: 1 cup of rice
  • Storage method: Once open, keep refrigerated to maintain quality of rice and avoid weevils.
  • Easy to cook, don’t require soaking
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SKU BRB950G120108
Weight 950g
Brand Langit
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Brand Langit
Country of Origin Malaysia

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