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Beacon RTE Half Herbal Chicken

Beacon RTE Half Herbal Chicken


Packing: 850g+- (per pack)

Storage: Frozen

Processed: Non-cut


Beacon Chicken's Specially Formulated Quality Feed is the key breakthrough in farming that makes Beacon Chicken your healthier choice for nutrition and 100% natural food. The special feed allows our chickens to grow healthily in a natural way without the need for added chemicals or undesirable farming techniques.


The feed contains a healthy combination of seaweed, Moringa leaves, herbs, hawthorn, chrysanthemum, probiotics from Japan, proteins, trace elements and vitamins, with each ingredient providing unique properties:-


  • Probiotic from Japan
  • Ensures a healthy gastrointestinal system
  • Help relieve constipation
  • Optimal protein and vitamin levels
  • Improved nutrition helps in tissue renewal and repair
  • Improved metabolism helps with the removal of toxins
  • Trace elements
  • Enhance immunity
  • Maintain healthy appetite
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